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Indigenous games- Having Fun the “old school” way!

Indigenous games promote unity in South Africa – they are important as they teach youth and the younger generation on how it was done in ancient times. They are also a great way to preserve our culture. Sports has always been there, the difference is its not what you see today. PCH has made indigenous games a regular sport for our children – from morabaraba to ushumpu and tiketo. They are now learning to enjoy the traditional games and sports that the elderly of our times had enjoyed, and engaging in them makes them appreciate their rich culture.

Gardening…What to plant in Spring…
With spring approaching, planting flowers is the best exercise to show appreciation to the soil. The children showed their appreciation and respect for nature, by planting beautiful pansies that bloom to pink, purple, yellow etc when they are ready. When is the perfect time to plant you may ask? According to these “self made” professionals, a great time to do this is when the weather permits meaning when its not too hot or cold but just warm enough for you to work outside. Spacing the flowers from 7 to 12 cm will also enable them to spread properly and neat. Looking for more spring flowers? try :Daffodils, Tulips, Azaleas, Magnolias, Primroses etc.
Arts and Craft

This month we are going to share one of the art and craft session held by our very own artists and creators. Recently our unit 2 junior boys dug into the recycled materials to find items to make a box house. Items used was a box, paint, glue, as well as a marker. The thing about Arts and Craft is that you don’t have to buy things, these items are your everyday throw aways, that you keep at home. The secret lies in making the effort to turn those items into something colorful, attractive, and meaningful. Easy things you can also try out at home: bird feeders 

A Soccer Friendly Game …
Normally the boys belong to the Astro league and attend weekly practices and games however during this “New Normal” they were forced to continue their practices at home. One of the Saturdays was a cool day to be outdoors and what better way to have fun than kicking the ball. Unit 3 senior boys and unit 4 senior girls decided to enjoy a “friendly” match that saw both teams ending in victory. A great way to polish their skills in soccer.
Women’s Day Tea
Theme of this day was: Being each other’s keeper!
“Sharing is  form of self-care, reach out and get help today because you matter”
“You are not alone, there is always someone who wants to hear your story, You matter”

This day organized by Miss Ropah Mashoko was about encouraging each other to share if we are not okay or if you are going through something negative, normalize asking for help. Remember confidentiality is the key when someone shares their personal stories.

Face your fears. Let’s talk about GBV

Our children used this past month, teaching us to normalize talking about gender based violence. This is what they had to say:
They explained that GBV does not only affect women  but affects both genders, hence its called GBV and not GBW! Men rarely talk about the abuse they suffer under the hands of women because it is still stigmatized. They hide their sufferings and feelings because other men have the mentality of making it a taboo issue if a women in your life abuses you. They tend to throw words at you instead of providing assistance. Women in these days are tortured and killed after suffering abuse in the hands of men. And now is the best time to say “Enough is Enough”- Sekwanele.

Supper by Abafwethu Catering Group
You might have called it home economics or consumer studies however Abafwethu Catering Group from PCH definitely showed us how its done. The newly established group consist of 15 members in total and is led by our very own Miss Ntokozo Mhlophe (Social Worker) who also plays the role of being the Head Chef of the group. Miss Mhlophe established this group as many of the  Children showed interest in learning how to cook.
28 August 2020 the group launched themselves by preparing supper for all children and child care workers on duty as well as the Management team. From earlier in the day preparations were under way from desserts to marinating the meat and preparing the potatoes for roasting later on. The meal was amazing as well as the service which proved to be of restaurant quality.
Wishing this group nothing but the best success!!! 
Wonder bag @ just R50….A Community Chest Initiative!!!
Each Bag costs R50 each!
As part the PMB Community Chest’s 60th Anniversary events, they offered the Charities that they support, an additional opportunity to raise funds, as many of us have struggled our way through the Lock Down period with little fundraising done!
A person is allowed to order up to 2 bags per household
1 order form will be filled indicating that you require 2 bags
All order forms are available at PCH, and must be completed  in FULL and returned with payments prior to us placing the order with the Community Chest Partner.
Likewise there will be a waiting period whilst we order the bags and then distribute to you.


Contact any one of us 
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Its easy: all you have to do is go to any participating BP, Engen or Caltex garage, fill up and notify the attendant of Litres for Education, providing them with our unique number #509 …..and 10c  per litre goes towards PCH. The wonderful thing is that
you DON’T pay an extra cent more.
Just remember to say the next time you are filling up – Litres for Education #509.
Here are the participating garages:
  • BP Moore Road, Engen Boshoff Street, Engen basil Bure Motors, 45th Engen convenience, BP Hillcrest, Engen Bayside, Engen Mitchell park, umhlali farmer services- BP Umhlali, Costwold Energy Centre Caltex waterfall, Nicole Jetkins, BP Westville Auto, BP Richmond Road, BP Quarry Road, BP  De Kuilen, BP La Lucia, BP Raisethorpe, BP Bluff, BP Sibaya, BP Drive in Motors- Ballito, BP fairways on Main- Howick, Caltex Winston park Service Station, Crompton Service Station- Caltex.
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