February 2023 Newsletter

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Drama Classes 
The Woodlands library extended an invite to children in our community, who have an interest in drama lessons. PCH children stepped up to the invite, and more than 20 of our own grabbed this opportunity and have already excelled! They were given a scenario to act out and took it in their strides as many of them are confident and capable of standing up in crowds and speaking. This comes from the numerous developmental programmes that they participate in at our Home.
At the end of their session, they signed up to be permanent members of the drama club which will meet regularly at the local library. 

#if you love acting, it will love you back.
Environmental Programmes
Gardening & Recycling
We remain proud of our garden as well as recycling programmes. Having more than 75 nature lovers on site, we always try and stay updated coming up with new and creative ways for activities. Brotherz Inc senior boys and Real Dreamerz senior girls dedicated 2 days to ensuring that their spaces remain well taken care off.
Day 1 was all about sorting out recycling so that its easier when one gets to General Waste situated in Mountain Rise.
Day 2 was all about presentation as the ladies tackled the garden, removing weeds and turning soil in places that needed it. They always end the project with watering our vegetable plots, and the fruit trees which were initially donated by the Sai Organisation and Shahista, and are cared for very lovingly by our Seniors.

#Well done nature lovers!
Our Valentines…
A day for affection, a day of re-assuring those closest to you that they have your heart. Commonly known as Valentine’s Day or St Valentine’s Day and demonstrated by showing affection with greetings and gifts. We are also big on Love and sharing so we celebrated this day in style with our PCH family. Giving flowers remains a Valentine’s tradition which dates back to the 17th century, and so gifts, flowers and cards were exchanged. A fun-filled day with lots of festivities.

A huge appreciation to the Management for ensuring that the children received all the necessities and spoils 
for this special day.

Our International Speaker…
3 special days with Nick Smiar
This month we had the lovely opportunity to spend
3 days with Professor Nick Smiar…
Who is Nick? Nick Smiar (PhD, ACSW, CISW), Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Eu Claire, USA, and Life Member of the NACCW. On the 23- 24 February we hosted a 3-day training, and the topic was Professional Assault Response Training. Nick covered aspects of safety and dignity through problem solving, focusing on the need for self-control plans for
each childcare worker to ensure that they think and act
in the safest manner in all crisis situations. 

Thank you to NACCW for making it happen!

Astro League kicks off…
It’s been more than 2 years since we reported on the Mountain Rise Astro League due to covid limitations. This year has also started with a bang – for our under 15 years PCH United boys who had their 1st game on Saturday. It felt good to meet with more than one team and these fixtures come out weekly.
This coming week (11/03/23), the boys will take on Staxc Panthers FC
and we wish them all the best. 

A special thank you to the League Management for allowing our boys to participate weekly in their training and development programme.

Exciting news…
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