February Newsletter 2024


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Having a full school uniform instills a sense of belonging. It also creates a sense of solidarity and equality. Our greatest gratitude goes out to Motus Aftermarket Parts for the back-to-school campaign. Ensuring that all our 78 children have full school uniforms and school bags. A special thank you to our champion Ms. Ntsiki Radebe who continues to advocate for PCH, making all this possible.


FEB FUN Programs

The month of February has been abuzz with various programs, some new and some are the continuation of last year’s. The children have finally settled in with the back-to-school chaos and it’s time focus on our programs.  This year we have 2 soccer teams, the under 13 and U17 which are both sponsored members of the Mountain Rise Astro League. The league officially opened on the 17th of February 2024 and the boys have been doing amazing and their winning scores are evident to that.

Woodlands Library drama class is also one of our regular programs that commenced in the beginning of 2023 and gave our children an opportunity to showcase their debating, poetry, storytelling and acting skills. This month’s activities included a debate on the pros and cons of social media, storytelling in both isiZulu and English as well as a poem on the importance of libraries during Library week. Living in today’s society, which is a most competitive environment, requires adaptability, enterprising thinking and persistence, and therefore exposing our children in these kinds of programs assists in verbal communication, boosts social skills and builds their confidence among others.

PCH is one of the homes that were chosen to be enrolled on the Worksheet Cloud app program. This app was developed by South African educators and is aligned with CAPS and IEB curricula. It’s designed for specific grade requirements and mostly utilized by students who need extra attention on certain subjects. Each child can access any online printable worksheets, plenty of practice questions across variety of subjects. Our 6 chosen students have been practicing on this user-friendly app under minimal supervision and an improvement on their subjects has been noted. It also has video lessons, study notes and reports on performance. The CCWs were tasked with monitoring the children while on the app and their reports have been positive.

The Alternative to Violence Project (AVP) was concluded in 2023. The main aim was to teach our young people on ways of resolving conflicts in a non-violent way. The project expanded after 20 hours, over a 3-day period and a Peace Club was then formed. This dedicated group are in place to offer advice to our other young people in case they find themselves in such situations. This month, the club met for career day. Each person had a chance to share the type of field they would like to venture into, the subjects and skills required for that particular field as well as creating resumes to match their career choices.

Learning made fun…

Calling on all individuals, Companies, Schools and Businesses to join us on our SPARE AN ITEM FROM YOUR CUPBOARD campaign. Our biggest aim remains at providing nutritious meals to our 78 Children. The food price inflation shows no sign of decreasing and we need your help to make this campaign a success.


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