March Newsletter 2021

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Dear Donors…We appreciate you

Dear donor, we are forever indebted to you for your ongoing assistance. The donations you make help us in many ways such as assisting us with cutting costs especially monthly groceries (which is exorbitant in residential care!), toiletries nd medical expenses. We have 74 children in our care currently and each of them have different needs i.e different toiletries according to their skin types and different diets according to their medical history.
Your contributions help us individualize the personal care of each child and so –
A GREAT BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU to you for allowing us to reach our goals. From the meals you provide to clothing, bedding, stationery as well as snacks – all of these donations, big and small really does go a long way to ensuring that the holistic care of our children is met.

PCH – our humble beginnings…
The Mary Cook Children’s home remained in Burger street for 22 years, until in 1915 when it moved to 372 Longmarket road where 3 dormitories catered for 25 children. During the mid-60’s the home became a girls-only home.
During the 1960s numerous representations were made and meetings held, with the intention to offer a service in the Woodlands community. In 1962 the Pietermaritzburg Child and Welfare Society conducted investigations with the view to establish a creche/ nursery in the area.
In May 1962 Mrs Mildred Ward, the mother of Chrissy Janneker (a Community worker at Child Welfare) began fundraising within the community. She was a lady with a vision for a Children’s Home for colored children.
#Humble beginnings
#135 years of GraceFind out more by visiting our Website
We will continue the journey in the April Newsletter 2021…
Don’t miss it.
Work hard and also play hard!
Did you know that gardening boosts your mood while increasing your self-esteem levels. At PCH we believe that growing our own vegetables is the way to go. On this day the unit 1 junior girls did weeding as well as planted onions, tomatoes and brinjals. We don’t let anything in the community go to waste, as the girls were out and about with the Child Care Staff collecting all the cut grass in the surrounding roads, to turn them into mulch for the garden. Pretty soon we will be enjoying vegetables grown from our very own.
After gardening the children enjoyed a game of table football followed by lunch and snacks, that were sponsored.
PCH Power

This segment is created to share our children’s success stories and how PCH played a role in molding them to be the individuals they are today.

This month we give you a chance to get to know Jean-Luc, who had attended Haythorne Secondary school. At a very young age he became the best athlete PCH has ever had. Daily he would be up early at PCH, and gone for a run to keep himself fit and ready for the many events he participated in, including 21km races. After passing his matric, like all our other seniors, he had to gear himself to get ready to face the outside world, without the comfort of having parental support.
Fortunately, he had PCH and a host parent over his senior years to help him get through the initial hurdles of independence. He has always been a reserved child with great leadership skills and as a result he was one of our Youth Representatives for many years. In the outside world he adapted very well with the continuous help and guidance from us. He landed his first job at Panarottis and then moved to Vigor and Verve in Scottsville. Recently he moved to a Durban branch and still keeps in touch and visits PCH frequently.
He has proven multiple times, that one’s circumstances don’t define us…but, with a strong support system and a positive and strong mindset, our destiny is in our hands!

Flying PCH flag high.

Human Rights Day Commemoration
21 March- a day linked to the events of Sharpeville in 1960. On this day 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police fired on a peaceful crowd  that had gathered in protest against the pass laws. A beginning of ordinary people, rising in unison to proclaim their rights. Till this day the rights that they fought for, we as South Africans are still benefiting from. The lives lost were not in vain.
At PCH commemorating such days is very important to us and that is why the children planned and coordinated how this day would be celebrated. There was a reminder of the human rights that South Africans have as well as festivities that honored the people who lost their lives. Unit 2 junior boys ended the day with the South African National Anthem and with the rest of the children joining in with their hands across the chest to symbolize respect. 
We really are learning a lot from our future leaders.
A word from our
Thank your for the opportunity to present to the Board- I will be speaking on behalf of Unit 4 senior girls. During our holiday program, we covered the Covid-19 protocols and the need to protect ourselves both inside and outside of PCH. Our greatest gratitude goes out to the Child Care workers who worked around the clock to ensure that we were never discouraged regarding our school work even though we were on lockdown, for encouraging us to do activities that stimulated the brain like the spelling bee, which we love so much and reading in order to increase our vocabulary.
(extract from presentations at our recent Board meeting)
Miss Z.
Get yours today…
We are working hard to make this fundraising project a success, as all funds will help us meet our annual deficit!
We appeal to you to help us along the way by either taking orders or linking us to individuals who will …
Wonderbags are available for just R50 per bag. Please note that a person can only purchase a maximum of 2 bags. Forms are available at PCH and bags are in stock. All you need to do is fill in the form, make payment and get your bags. No hassles.
Save yourself time and money, with load shedding- this bag can finish the cooking process for you. 
On the 10/03/21 NACCW-PMB practitioners forum met for the 1st time after a hard lockdown. The topic was “Sharing our experiences about the pandemic”
In May we will be celebrating the great work that CYCWs do for children. Please dairies the 26th of May 2021 as the 2nd forum will take place at the Pietermaritzburg Children’s Home. Kindly contact the forum coordinator who is also the NACCW KZN Chairperson- Miss Ropah Mashoko to RSVP:
All CYCWs are welcome.
KFC-Add Hope
This initiative partners with over 138  beneficiaries to ensure that children are receiving a nutritious meal daily. Add Hope raises money through customer donations added at the till or on the Add Hope website, as well as donating a percentage of KFC profits as its own Corporate social responsibility.
This is how it works:
When buying a meal you simply Add R2 for Add Hope to your bill…
Donations are also made by KFC…All that donations goes to the KFC Social Responsibility Trust…who then allocates to suitable applicants
(This Campaign feeds nutritious meals to over 120 000 children every day in South Africa, and PCH is one of their beneficiaries)
Your R2 really does go a long way, and reaches us
to serve our children on a daily basis, so don’t hesitate to make your R2 pledge today!
A reminder that our DONATE button on the website is now effective.
Yes, as a Donor you can make a cash donation in your own time, at your leisure.
Kindly visit our website on and select any amount you wish to donate.
You can use any Visa Debit or Mastercard for both Cheque and Credit Card options.
Your banking details remain confidential and that information will NOT be available to any one besides your yourself.
So please do feel free to support us through this easy and safe method of donating!
Its easy: all you have to do is go to any participating BP, Engen or Caltex garage, fill up and notify the attendant of Litres for Education, providing them with our unique number #509 …..and 10c  per litre goes towards PCH. The wonderful thing is that
you DON’T pay an extra cent more.
Just remember to say the next time you are filling up – Litres for Education #509.
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