March 2023 Newsletter

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What to plant in Autumn? 
Summer days are finally behind us as South Africa experiences Autumn from February to April. Autumn is a transition from summer to winter and we are now experiencing shorter cooler days. Our nature lovers advised that the best autumn vegetables are the leafy greens i.e. lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower.
PCH expresses their greatest gratitude to Agri-sun for their generous donation of hundreds of seedlings for our autumn vegetables. 
The Children wasted no time in ensuring these were planted on time so that they strive in the cooler winter season which commences in mid-May.
Birthday celebrations by Kidditivity
Currently, we have a total of 77 children in our care. With this high number-it is guaranteed that in a month we celebrate at least 6 birthdays. We were approached by Marinel together with her husband from Kidditivity who have started a
wonderful initiative called Birthday Bessings!
They worked tirelessly seeking sponsorship so that they can achieve their goal of making a difference in our children’s lives by giving them a birthday celebration worth remembering. In March, Kidditivity was able to have a mass celebration for 12 children. To everyone that contributed in making our children’s day special from snacks, gifts, cake and entertainment, 

We appreciate you!
With Love-Willowton Bakery School
Willowton Bakery School in collaboration with the Al-Fidaa School of baking has been blessing our home with freshly baked cakes and biscuits since 2020.  This school was founded in February 2020 and offers a four-week program to deserving students, who learn valuable baking skills to help them succeed in the hospitality industry. Recently, Nadia Ameer who is the administrator has made it a mission to donate cakes to our organization for every child’s birthday – We have received over 200 cakes & biscuits from this this worthy course. 
Thank you Willowton Bakery school and Al-Fida School of Baking for all those sweet, melting moments.
To enquire about upcoming classes, adult or kids baking workshops you can contact Nadia Ameer on 087 150 1324/
Spreading love and kindness to PCH
Seventh-Day Adventist Church
This has been a month of blessings; the house of God planned a visit to our home to share the love and spread the word of God. On this day members of the congregation shared several verses, and the Pastor shared a beautiful story about being faithful in the eyes of the Lord. They also blessed us with a wonderful donation of
toiletries, snacks and brand-new bibles.

Thank you for your Kindness!

PMB Muslim Scouts
This month we were also blessed by this wonderful movement whose aim is to develop young boys and girls to achieve their full potential as responsible citizens and members of the ummah. This is not just an extra-mural activity, but the PMB Muslim Scouts wants to leave a legacy behind. They took their morning to spend time sharing kindness with our junior boys and girls. They also donated the much-needed toiletries and soccer balls to our home.
Thank you for your generosity!

NGO Connex hosted by Varsity College (PMB)
This year PCH and other NGOs were again invited by IIE Varsity College to take part in the annual NGO Connex 2023. The aim for this event is to network with students and also create awareness about the kind of work that we do. The day was a success, and we were able to collect a total of 47 names and signatures of students who would like to volunteer at our home. We also got a chance to meet other NGOs who were attending the Connex for the very first time!
Once again, we would like to thank Sonya Nursoo, together with the planning committee at Varsity College for this great hospitality and
always making the event memorable.  
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