May Newsletter 2023

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A Mother’s Love 
A Mother loves and nurtures without limitations, she knows the security and well-being of her children is more important than her feelings. She gives strength for fear of the unknown. She puts her children and herself last, she makes the world a simpler place. These are some of the ways our children described mothers. Mother’s Day at PCH was a day to honor our mothers who play a significant role in the lives of our children.
A mother not by blood or birth but through love, support and encouragement!
This day was filled with fun by different activities with love from the children to the CYCWs. 
Stay Lit soccer tournament
This month, the Woodlands community had a Lit tournament/ fun day for the members of the community as well as willing participants. The old slang made new simply meant that it was a fun/ exciting tournament. It lived up to its name because fun was the order of the day. Our children were privileged to be a part of this amazing action-packed day. The boys had a chance to play a friendly match, and even if they didn’t win, they had fun and made new friends.  
#To the organizers of this day, thank you for allowing us to participate in this awesomeness. 
Ascension day
The 18/05/2023 was the 40th day of Easter and this meant that it was Ascension Day. The children gathered at the hall to learn what this meant to them.  We learn that this is the official day when Jesus ascended into heaven. The New Testament reveals that Jesus Christ met with his disciples during the 39 days after his resurrection to instruct them on how to carry out his teachings. Today his teaching was written for us by those disciples and that is how we know of Jesus Christ ‘s teachings. The bible further states that on that day, he took his disciples to the Mount of Olives where they watched as he ascended to heaven. The day marks the end of Easter season. 
Child Protection Month
Staff Development 
The month of May also focuses on Child Protection Month, and our director coincided a very important training programme into this month that promotes good childcare practice and ensures the care and protection of all our children.
The team was split into 2 groups for a 2 -day 1st Aid Training Level 1. These 2 days were spent learning emergency care and life saving skills. We covered 5 modules from emergency scene management, anatomy and physiology, assessment of emergency situation, applying first aid procedures to live threatening situation and treating common injuries. We also got a chance to apply the practical components under the facilitation of Nombali Mzipazi. We learned CPR as well as how to apply the dressing of wounds, attend to broken and fractured bones, and to manage basic and common injures that we can expect in residential care.
Part 2 of staff upliftment was learning the basic firefighting skills under the guidance of Urifire. We were trained on basic fire procedures and techniques, and on use of all portable fire equipment.
A huge sense of gratitude goes to our sponsor Motus Aftermarket Parts – for funding both these skills training programmes for all our 26 staff!

Thank you Motus!
#1st Aiders in the making

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