October Newsletter 2021

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NACCW Conference 2021
Champions from all over the globe met once again this year at the comfort of their own “home” for the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) first ever virtual Biennial Conference 2021. The slogan for this year was “Champions of Hope in challenging times”. The 2-days conference normally takes place in a much bigger venue where different stakeholders at all levels from National and Abroad meet to share on pertinent matters within the Children’s Sector.
This year things were done differently due to the pandemic. At PCH the day started with songs from our champions. It was refreshing to see the amazing energy from staff even if it was for meeting in the boardroom sessions. The formalities started with a candle light ceremony from the chairpersons around the country.
Among these was our very own Miss Ropah Mashoko who is the KZN chairperson and PCH’s childcare manager.
Day 2 saw Mrs Fiona Balgobind our Manager co-chairing the proceedings of this International Conference.
PCH held our Baton up high as the opening ceremony on day 2 was from our very own Amazing Soulz Choir group, conducted by childcare worker Mr. Sipho Gumede!
 Annual General Meeting 
This year we took time to reflect on the organization’s annual achievements. Yes, we sat down at our 132nd AGM! Each Management member had the opportunity to report on Management, Social Services, Child Care Services, PR and Marketing, and our Financial review. This past financial year tested our children, staff and board members in more ways than Covid, and we were proud to stand up and reflect on the most challenging year OCH has ever faced, and be able to say that we came out stronger! There were plenty positive outcomes regarding the children’s success, the activities under the new normal as well as staff empowerment.
A huge appreciation goes to our Trustees, Board Members, other CYCCs, our Auditors Moore Midlands, our Management team, as well as our very own Youth Representatives for taking time to share in our reflections and to offer support and encouragement for the work we do!  
Our 135 year journey…
Come and celebrate with us! 
As we are about to wrap up our 135th anniversary year, we invite you to join us and win some amazing prizes. The rules are simple ….
Login into our website which will then redirect you to our social media pages.
Like, follow and comment all the socials. The comment with most likes will get to take home one of these prizes.
*Remember to get your friends to get their friends to take part in this amazing giveaway and that increases your chances of winning!

Prizes up for grabs…to be announced on the 13th December 2021
1. An amazing bed and breakfast 1 night stay at Road Lodge (PMB)
2. A 1 hour slimming session with a trained therapist to bring out
the “Amazing You” from Techno Slim
3. A Xmas Gift Basket wrapped with Love from PCH

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#Humble beginnings

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We will continue the journey in the Nov Newsletter.
#135 years of Grace
Book Club
 PCH book club continues to meet on a regular basis to read and discuss a particular book. This helps increase their vocabulary as well as their confidence. Another one of the benefits of reading books is that they can improve their ability to empathize with others. Miss Ntokozo (Social Worker) is the one heading up the club. It is very impressive and a blessing to see our young people with that much dedication, and love for reading!
National Nutrition Week
Healthy Eating Awareness
The children took time to show and tell us all about healthy eating. It’s all about balance- eating food with high calories is ok however these have an effect on weight gain. The good thing about it is if you don’t consume it all the time it wont have that much effect on your weight.
Young people also shared on the value of daily intake of fruits and vegetables in order to balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise is also a healthy option if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and children shared on all the different activities they participate in at PCH to maintain fit and healthy.
A special thank you to our Board member Nireshnee Reddy who secured some wonderful posters from Department of Health, and to Roadlodge PMB for the special meal for this day! 
Arts and Crafts
This month for arts and crafts, the junior boy’s unit 2 did a “God Created” – retelling the bible story in the first book  Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God created…Since Covid, our children haven’t been able to physically attend Sunday school. It is heartwarming to see that they are still on the path of the love of God. Daily prayers are an important norm because it strengthens the bond between you and God .  
It’s harvest time.
Planting is a skill as plants certainly need TLC in order for them to grow and make your harvesting a bliss. There are many factors that one must look at in order to be the best farmers with fresh produce.  This month our vegetables are being harvested. The spinach, cabbage, chilies and lettuce which were all planted with love by the children, were ready! They took turns removing the weeds around as well as watering their produce. The results show. 
Introducing the new kid on the block-YOCO
Transactions made with simplicity. We often encounter people who want to purchase or make a donation on the spot and the problem is always the fact that we don’t have a card machine to complete this transaction. That is why we have a new and quick way to make payment. It’s simple as 123…remember to tap, swipe or insert your card to complete a transaction.
KFC-Add Hope
This initiative partners with over 138  beneficiaries to ensure that children are receiving a nutritious meal daily. Add Hope raises money through customer donations added at the till or on the Add Hope website, as well as donating a percentage of KFC profits as its own Corporate social responsibility.
This is how it works:
When buying a meal you simply Add R2 for Add Hope to your bill…
Donations are also made by KFC…All that donations goes to the KFC Social Responsibility Trust…who then allocates to suitable applicants
(This Campaign feeds nutritious meals to over 120 000 children every day in South Africa, and PCH is one of their beneficiaries)

Your R2 really does go a long way, and reaches us
to serve our children on a daily basis, so don’t hesitate to make your R2 pledge today!

Don’t forget that our DONATE button on the website is operating….
Yes, as a Donor you can make a cash donation in your own time, at your leisure.
Kindly visit our website on and select any amount you wish to donate.
You can use any Visa Debit or Mastercard for both Cheque and Credit Card options.
Your banking details remain confidential and that information will NOT be available to any one besides your yourself.
So please do feel free to support us through this easy and safe method of donating!
Its easy: all you have to do is go to any participating BP, Engen or Caltex garage, fill up and notify the attendant of Litres for Education, providing them with our unique number #509 …..and 10c  per litre goes towards PCH. The wonderful thing is that
you DON’T pay an extra cent more.
Just remember to say the next time you are filling up – Litres for Education #509.

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