October Newsletter 2022

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Mandala Dot Painting…
Mandala can be traced back to centuries and is a creation of Buddhism. This is believed to be sacred and has deep philosophical importance. Today monks use this method to increase focus and concentration and this month our children were blessed to learn this technique. A huge hand of gratitude is conveyed to Shireen and her friends for taking time to visit and teach the children this amazing new skill, as well as for the wonderful spoils for them. The art class really had a lovely time, and their interest was clearly visible from their level of concentration and the
excitement to view their end products!
Cartoonz gardening
Our unit 2 -Cartoonz dedicated a morning to our much-loved garden. We have stated the importance of mulching before, which are to: improve fertility and health to the soil, reducing weed growth and conservation of soil moisture. We have entered a new season and mulching is important because of the ever-changing weather.

But first…. Let’s do a little bit of weeding, before the junior boys can mulch, they took the initiative to remove all the weeds from the garden. This enables plants to grow to their optimum. Weeding’s most important benefit is that it allows easy root penetration thus preventing pests and diseases to harm the crop…
we look forward to yielding a good crop

Well done little nature lovers!

Sports Day
Playing sports on its own have many benefits, children’s character and moral principles are formed through fair play and friendships are also created.
Day 1: PCH netball team had a friendly game against each other for the first time since covid, and fun was definitely had.
Day 2: Friendly soccer game was organized by PCH with Sunlit Gardens Children’s home. PCH went home with a victory of 12-0!
The aim of these events was to have fun and enjoy some friendly games, and they all certainly benefited from the well-planned programme coordinated by our
childcare staff and young adults. 
The work of our little hands!
Our junior boys were hard at work making eco bricks for our greenroom, these are packed with used plastic packets to set density and will serve as
re-usable building blocks.
Here’s what you need to make your ecological bricks:
Transparent bottles and plastic bags. the plastic bags and bottles must be clean and dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.
Do this: twist your waste and insert it into a plastic bottle. Compress it as tightly as you can with a stick. Keep doing-this making sure your bottles are un-squishable. 

Junior girls decided to do beadwork and made beautiful necklaces for themselves. All you need are different colored beads and a thread. Make it fun by mixing different colors to achieve that beautiful multi-coloured necklace or wrist band.

Well done juniors.

Transactions simplified
Transactions made with simplicity. We often encounter people who want to purchase or make a donation on the spot and the problem is always the fact that we don’t have a card machine to complete this transaction. That is why we have a new and quick way to make payment. It’s simple as 123…remember to tap, swipe or insert your card to complete a transaction.
KFC-Add Hope
This initiative partners with over 138  beneficiaries to ensure that children are receiving a nutritious meal daily. Add Hope raises money through customer donations added at the till or on the Add Hope website, as well as donating a percentage of KFC profits as its own Corporate social responsibility.
This is how it works:
When buying a meal you simply Add R2 for Add Hope to your bill…
Donations are also made by KFC…All that donations goes to the KFC Social Responsibility Trust…who then allocates to suitable applicants
through the Add Hope Ccampaign.
(This Campaign feeds nutritious meals to over 120 000 children every day in South Africa, and PCH is one of their beneficiaries)

Your R2 really does go a long way, and reaches us
to serve our children on a daily basis, so don’t hesitate to make your R2 pledge today!
The more you contribute to this campaign the better for us in the sector who service vulnerable children, as we are able to receive an increased allocation based on the value of the fund.

Don’t forget that our DONATE button on the WEBSITE is operating….
Yes, as a Donor you can make a cash donation in your own time, at your leisure.
Kindly visit our website on and select any amount you wish to donate.
You can use any Visa Debit or Mastercard for both Cheque and Credit Card options.
Your banking details remain confidential and that information will NOT be available to any one besides your yourself.
So please do feel free to support us through this easy and safe method of donating!
Introducing another way in which you can Donate. Givengain offers Charities a faster and easier way in which you can make your donation. PCH has just signed up as one of the Charities. Click on the link below and it will take you to a safer and most efficient way to make a difference. Remember your private information such as your bank card details remains private. Be on the look-out for the newly revamped website.
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