August Newsletter 2022

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Dreams do come True!
This month, as an organization, we celebrated a very momentous occasion – the official handover of our newly build hall funded by the Victor Daitz Foundation. This communal hall brings a lot of positive changes to our Home. It will be mainly used to host programmes by the children as well as serve as an indoor sports activity centre. Our children were given an opportunity to name our hall, and several names were identified from which one was selected as best!
DREAMS COME ALIVE CENTRE is an indication that our longstanding dream to have our own communal hall had actually materialized. This comes at a perfect time as in the past, we have often hired marquees to host and celebrate special days, but with the help from this special Foundation, our hall is now a reality, and all our important events can be held in this precious space.
The official handover was conducted with the Foundation’s representatives – Megan Caminsky who is the foundation’s Distribution Officer and was our key catalyst in setting this project in motion, and the Managing Trustee, David Simpson.
To accept this wonderful donation were also: Mr Lee Du Preez, PCH Chairperson,
Mr Dem Kambouris, PCH Trustee and Mrs Irene Dugmore who is also a Trustee.
Little Angels and Brother’s Inc danced to the occasion and
Ms NN gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Children.
STIHL gives back to PCH
We are officially in the season of spring, and this means that the lovely rains are upon us. A very Special Thank You to Andreas Stihl PTY (PMB), because they have helped us to ensure that our gardens and surroundings
look clean and tidy at all times.
This brand-new FS 235 brush cutter was sponsored and delivered to the home by STIHL. Mervyn, who is our maintenance officer, received this donation and the valuable training that was also provided by the representatives from the company.

Our appreciation goes to Nadine Green for making this happen!
Russell High School shares their
appiness Day with us…
This year for Happiness Day, Russell High’s grade 8’s collected various items to make care packs for our 75 children. These packs were colorfully decorated with the kindest and sweetest words. Our staff handed them out during our Women’s Day festivities.
Our greatest sense of gratitude goes out to all the learners and educators for their love and kindness to PCH.
Pictured above-Left: Little Angels with their care packs
Right: Russell high grade 8’s at the handover.
Staff Training and Development
This month, all our staff at PCH were privileged to attend a Health and Safety Representatives training, as well as, 10 of our staff completed a further training for Health and Safety Supervisors conducted by Global Learning Services, who are an accredited training college. Health and Safety ensures that each and every employee is competent in both H & S in order to assist the Organization avoid the distress associated with accidents and illnesses that may arise in a workplace. Our staff members were divided into 2 groups and each group attended their 1-day training on different dates for all the Reps. Further 2 days training was dedicated for the training of H & S for Supervisors.
It has taken us several years of submissions to the Health and Welfare Seta, and the perseverance has finally paid off, with our Director securing Project funding that allowed us to be trained in these fundamental trainings. We acknowledge the support of the HWSETA, our PCH Management Team and Global Learning Services for equipping our staff with all this vital knowledge and skills.
Introducing the new kid on the block-YOCO
Transactions made with simplicity. We often encounter people who want to purchase or make a donation on the spot and the problem is always the fact that we don’t have a card machine to complete this transaction. That is why we have a new and quick way to make payment. It’s simple as 123…remember to tap, swipe or insert your card to complete a transaction.
KFC-Add Hope
This initiative partners with over 138  beneficiaries to ensure that children are receiving a nutritious meal daily. Add Hope raises money through customer donations added at the till or on the Add Hope website, as well as donating a percentage of KFC profits as its own Corporate social responsibility.
This is how it works:
When buying a meal you simply Add R2 for Add Hope to your bill…
Donations are also made by KFC…All that donations goes to the KFC Social Responsibility Trust…who then allocates to suitable applicants
through the Add Hope Ccampaign.
(This Campaign feeds nutritious meals to over 120 000 children every day in South Africa, and PCH is one of their beneficiaries)

Your R2 really does go a long way, and reaches us
to serve our children on a daily basis, so don’t hesitate to make your R2 pledge today!
The more you contribute to this campaign the better for us in the sector who service vulnerable children, as we are able to receive an increased allocation based on the value of the fund.

Don’t forget that our DONATE button on the WEBSITE is operating….
Yes, as a Donor you can make a cash donation in your own time, at your leisure.
Kindly visit our website on and select any amount you wish to donate.
You can use any Visa Debit or Mastercard for both Cheque and Credit Card options.
Your banking details remain confidential and that information will NOT be available to any one besides your yourself.
So please do feel free to support us through this easy and safe method of donating!
Introducing another way in which you can Donate. Givengain offers Charities a faster and easier way in which you can make your donation. PCH has just signed up as one of the Charities. Click on the link below and it will take you to a safer and most efficient way to make a difference. Remember your private information such as your bank card details remains private. Be on the look-out for the newly revamped website.
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